Friday, August 9, 2019

CBD Oil for Cats

Do you have a cat (or dog) who needs additional assistance with pain, inflammation, or anxiety? Have you tried prescription medication from the veterinarians, but still need further help? Have you considered trying CBD oil?

When I visited Global Pet Expo this year, there was an abundance of vendors selling CBD Oil products for pets. Although I hadn't used CBD Oil at the time, I'd heard a lot about it from some of our dog blogging friends. I was interested in using it for Truffle, who had begun experiencing separation anxiety when I went on trips (which we believe may have caused some illnesses) and my mom's dog, Bandit, who experienced extreme anxiety and fear during our numerous thunderstorms in the South. I had casually asked my vet about CBD Oil and his response was that there was a lot of discussion about it, but not a lot of research and he appeared hesitant to talk further. Since I was interested in CBD Oil for my parents' dog and my cats, I chose to conduct my own review of the current research and information available before considering it for my cats.

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What is CBD?

Cannadidiol (CBD) is derived from the cannabis and hemp plants. Both plants are from the genus Cannabis, but they are different plants. By law, hemp products contain less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the cannabinoid compound found in Cannabis that causes the "high" people normally connect with cannabis. CBD oils have been used for therapeutic purposes in humans (Hughes, 2019; Krause, 2016) but are only recently being used to help treat stress, inflammation, and pain in dogs and cats. 

Preliminary results from current research on the use of hemp and Cannabis derived CBD for pets is currently being researched by Colorado State University, Cornell University,and several other prestigious veterinary schools and show the effectiveness and safety of these products. Currently, there are no scientific studies that specifically investigated the impact of cannabis on pets with definitive results. Colorado State University is conducting emerging research (Krause, 2016; Khuly, 2018) on the use of cannabis for dogs and a recent study from Cornell University found promising results in treating pain in canines (Gamble, 2018). As of 2018, ElleVet was the only company that had conducted a long-term clinical and pharmacological study on cats (Peters, 2018) and found that cats responded differently to cannabis than dogs because they metabolize things differently. Most information available on the impact of CBD oil for pets is anecdotal and extrapolated from human medicine. 

Veterinarians and CBD Oil

Veterinarians are hesitant to talk to their clients about the use of CBD oil. There are two possible reasons for this hesitation - lack of research and legality. Just like doctors in the medical profession for humans, veterinarians prefer using medications that have gone through rigorous studies and are approved by the FDA. In addition, there are concerns about the legality of cannabis products, such as CBD oil. In most states in the United States, "a veterinarian is not allowed to prescribe or recommend a cannabis product for your pet, regardless of the vet's personal and professional opinion (Peters, 2018)." Each state has its own veterinary board and most boards adhere to federal laws concerning medical cannabis. If a veterinarian actively recommends or provides a medical cannabis product, his license may be revoked. 

Some holistic veterinarians may recommend CBD oil to their client's pet (Khuly, 2018). Dr. Gary Richter, a holistic veterinarian and owner and medical director of Montclair University Veterinary Hospital and Holistic Veterinary Care in Oakland, CA, says that CBD Oil is generally safe for cats, but they should be dosed appropriately based on their weight and condition. "The AVMA (2019)continues to encourage well-controlled clinical research and pursuit of FDA approval by manufacturers of cannabis-derived products so that high-quality products of known safety and efficacy can be made available for veterinarians and their patients."

Products made with less than 0.3% THC are legal in all 50 states in the United States. Hemp cannot get you high, however, the Controlled Substance Act (1937) has classified the hemp plant as a Schedule 1 drug (Khuly, 2018). The Cannabis plant that makes industrial hemp is different from the plant that makes medicinal hemp (Krause, 2016). "Hemp (Cannabis saliva L with tetrahyudrocannabinol <0.3% dry weight), a type of cannabis that was recently descheduled through passage of the 2018 Farm Bill (AVMA, 2019)." The passing of this bill removed hemp as a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance by the DEA, Hemp derived products are legal to grow in and ship to all 50 states and this includes Cannabidiol (CBD) derived from hemp.

Bandit likes the Treatibles Pumpkin Treats to help with stress from loud noises

Uses for CBD Oil in Pets

Pet products that include Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil with naturally occurring CBD are considered by the FDA/CVM as dosage form animal health products (supplements, not drugs) and are legal. According to the National Animal Supplement Council, based on millions of administrations and date, hemp poses no undue risk to the animal. CBD oil may be used to help with inflammation, reduction of anxiety, improvement of well-being, reduction of pain, and to lessen/eliminate seizure activity (Krause, 2016). Specific conditions where CBD oil may be helpful are Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Pancreatitis, Arthritis, Cancer, Asthma, Chronic Upper Respiratory infections, seizures, allergies, appetite stimulation, and nausea relief (Krause, 2016; Khuly, 2018).

Dr. Angie Krause (2016), a Holistic Veterinarian from Boulder Holistic Vet recommends her clients look for the following when purchasing CBD products:
  • Farming Practices. Has the plant been grown with the use of pesticides?
  • Extraction Method. Were chemicals used?
  • Concentration. Is there enough or too much CBD to be effective?
  • Guaranteed Analysis. Does the company test their product for the constituents beyond THC and CBD? Does it look at the terpenes and flavonoids?
  • Additional Ingredients. What other ingredients are present in the CBD oil?
  • Terpene/Flavanoid. Has an analysis of the terpene and flavonoid profile been conducted?
All the research and articles I've read stress the importance of talking with your veterinarian about using CBD oil with your pets.

Graphic credit - Treatibles


As I said in the beginning of this post, there were many brands offering CBD products for pets at Global Pet Expo. I had the opportunity to watch a presentation from Treatibles® where a rescue organization was using CBD oil to help with rescued cats and kittens. One of the representative gave me some sample oil to help with the inflammation and pain on my knee from a recent surgery and I noticed some relief from my pain. After the listening to the presentation and talking with the representatives, I decided this was the product I should review.

Treatibles was founded in 2013 and is a pioneer in developing broad spectrum hemp derived CBD oil products for pets. Their main mission is to promote "Harmony for the Whole Family through happiness and health of each pet." Treatibles provides a certificate of analysis for each of the Treatibles product types. All of their products feature their organic broad spectrum hemp oil that is third-party lab-tested to ensure consistent cannabinoid potency and to rule out heavy metals and bio-contaminants. These certificates are updated with every new batch. Treatibles source their broad  spectrum, non-psychoactive and non-toxic hemp oil from their organic hemp farm in South Carolina. "All Treatibles products are Compassion Certified® and proudly made in the USA." Treatibles is a member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), which operates under strict guidance from the FDA/CVM. Treatibles products are created with a proprietary formula that features a beneficial blend of naturally occurring CBD, supporting cannabinoids, terpenes, and antioxidants, producing a truly distinct oil. Treatibles can help animals exhibiting anxiety, discomfort, loss of appetite, digestive tract issues, and more. 

Treatibles are available in 

  • Chews. Soft chews for cats and dogs. Hard chews for dogs (turkey for calmness, pumpkin for balance, and blueberry for ease). 
  • Capsules. Both 25mg (animals over 125 lb) and 10mg (for animals over 50 lb) organic broad spectrum hemp oil capsules for all species. 
  • Oil Dropper Bottles (1500Mg for horses; 750mg, 250mg, and 90mg for all species). 
  • Ready Packs. Contain 2mg broad spectrum hemp oil, individual servings (feline - under 20 lb) and canine - up to 50 lb). 
  • Topical Cream. A 240mg and 60mg for both feline and canine.

Treatibles® help provide calmness for Truffle during thunderstorms and fireworks

Our Review

Normally, I've given Truffle and Brulee a "calming treat" when there was threat of thunderstorm or fireworks. I decided to give each of the girls a Treatibles® chew this 4th of July holiday. Brulee wasn't fond of the treat, but Truffle ate it and I noticed she had a calmer demeanor that evening. I tried giving her another Treatibles chew recently when we had a huge thunderstorm, but I waited too late. She was already fearful from the loud clap of thunder and wanted nothing to do with any type of treats. I know that in the future, I should give her a Treatibles chew at least 30 minutes prior to loud activities. I plan on having a more detailed discussion with their vet about their experiences with CBD oil and getting their opinions.

This is a product I believe can be used with pets with specific medical and emotional (fear and anxiety) needs. I plan on keeping the chews and oil on hand to use when needed.

As always, I highly recommend you talk with your vet before using anything on your pets. Do your research and be prepared to ask questions and provide information.


We're excited to announce that two of our readers (1 cat and 1 dog) have the opportunity to win a Treatibles® package (soft chews canister and 2 Ready Packs).  No purchase necessary. The giveaway is open to residents of the United States 18+ years, except where prohibited by law. The giveaway will run from August 9-16 and end at 11:59pm ET. Two winners will be randomly selected by Rafflecopter (powered by Random.org) and notified via email. Winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize; failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the prize and a new winner will be randomly chosen. To qualify for the giveaway, a comment must be left on our blog post.  Other entry options are available after a comment is left.  Please check your email and be sure to add sweetpurrfections@sc.rr.com to your address book!  Good luck!

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Good luck to everyone who enters! To stay up to date with Treatibles®, make sure to follow them on social media. 


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  1. I give my dogs CBD, although from a different brand. In my experience I've found it works really well for helping my older dog's arthritis, but I didn't have much luck using it for fear and anxiety in either of my dogs. I'm not sure why, but I stopped using it for that purpose since it's expensive and didn't seem to help them. I'm so glad it works for easing my senior boy's arthritis though. The pain medication the vets' prescribed him can have a lot of side effects, but with CBD and a few other supplements we were able to eliminate his pain without having to use prescription meds.

  2. Great information! I get CBD Oil every day to help with my idiopathic cystitis.

  3. We gave Chuck CBD oil, but we didn't really know what was causing his issues. After his heart defect was discovered, we only used the prescription meds from the vet, and discontinued any of the holistic remedies that I'd been trying. However, Angel is 15 years old now, and although she doesn't appear to be slowing down, the product may be a good idea for her.

  4. I use Hemp Oil on Layla as I found the CBD made her sleep all the time and there is a difference after trying both. She gets it once a day mixed with cod liver oi. Good luck to those that enter.

  5. This is great stuff for both humans and our four legged babies. Anything that will manage pain is a good thing. I had a friend that used it during chemo. He didn't quit eating like most do.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

  6. I haven't tried it yet, but I'd like to try it with my 18 year old cat who is showing signs of slowing down/arthritis.

  7. We'd love to enter since CK suddenly became terrified of storms. I use CBD at night to help me sleep and am hoping pet CBD will calm CK down too.—TW

  8. While I am not opposed to CBD oil (I actually been using a transdermal version with Ernie), I still think there is too much unknown about it, not enough research yet. And there’s still the issue of dosing. No one seems to know what dose is right...seems like it’s all trial and error. And there’s too many brands out there...some which are probably not that good. I hope there will be some reportable studies done soon.

  9. I would love to try this on Annabelle, she is terribly shy and fearful of just about ANYTHING new.

  10. Great giveaway. I would love to try this on Prancie for her arthritis. My hubby used CBD cream on his knees.

  11. I'm a scared-y cat on supplements like this. Kitty had hepatic lipidosis and diabetes though we finally had found a delicate balance. When my ex-husband and I moved to DC, we had to find a new vet. The new vet recommended [un-related to this product] supplements because she thought we could do better. That's what started her tail-spin. I want to be fair ... maybe it would've happened anyway - but I've become more of a "if it isn't broke ..." advocate. This is kind of an exception though - especially if anxiety is leading to health problems.

  12. CBD seems to help Boodie with her arthritis.

  13. Our friend Jack is terrified of thundertorms, and our cousin Diesel is, too. We bet these would help them.

  14. I also reviewed Treatibles a few years ago. They worked great on Chipper, my cocker spaniel who was terrified of thunderstorms. It also worked fast. He seemed calmer within minutes of eating the treat. I have recommended these treats to many people.

  15. We’ve had good luck using CBD with Musette in the show hall. She’s not as reactive. I’ve been using it with Shadow too for his digestive issues. Raw diet seems to be the only fix for that but I think the CBD helps him feels better when he eats things he shouldn’t. The treats were a huge bust here though even with Shadow who will eat anything that doesn’t eat him back. I wasn’t surprised, functional treats never fly here, it’s like giving kids vitamins lol

  16. I want to try CBD oil on Harvey I know he would benefit from it. These sounds very promising.

  17. I guess it's something always worth of try. Cookie's PT used CBD successfully to help her dog with pain.

  18. We are big supporters of using CBD for different ailments. And we love Treatables - a great product with wonderful results. Wish us luck in the giveaway :)

  19. Miss Paula, a furriend of mine is being treated with CDB oil, 'cause he gets seizures. Mom and I have also heard that it can help anipals that have other health issues. Mom says she'd like to give it a try with me as a possibly means to calm my seasonal allergies. Thanks fur the grr-eat information. Purr purr purr.

  20. CBD oil has helped so many pets! I just recommended Treatibles for my daughter's dog who is having some anxiety issues. I'll tell her to enter this giveaway too.

  21. Great post! We love Treatibles here! After seeing the marked difference in my Huskies, I became an affiliate. I recommend them all the time!

  22. We have not tried CBD oil with our cats, but I am intrigued as my older cat has a lot of inflammation that we haven't been able to tackle consistently.

  23. I've tried CBD treats with him but he didn't like them. I think he'd find the oil more palatable.

  24. Noelle is terrified of loud noises and Mom's been thinking of CBD treats for her.

    The Florida Furkids

  25. I have used CBD for my dog and one of my cats. One of my cats has arthritis so he gets CBD oil for that

  26. Great info. I spoke to a guy in Chicago about CBD for Daiquiri for her storm and vet fear. He made it sound like a long term build up thing. I like this is more of an as needed treat.

  27. I have never tried cbd oil before but think it might be great for my dog during fireworks,

  28. I don’t know what I’d do without Treatibles for Bentley during storms. It is really miraculous!

  29. I have not tried this in my pets. However, I think it's a great idea. I have one pet that has sever stress and anxiety that this would work great for but never thought of using this not sure why. But I think it would work great. Thank you.

  30. I have not tried cbd oils for animals, but would to. Thanks for chance to win.

  31. No I havent, but I am hoping it would calm my pupper when she is left home alone

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