Thursday, August 8, 2019

International Cat Day

Brulee and Truffle waiting for Mom Paula to celebrate International Cat Day

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  1. Brulee and Truffle, what kind of special something are you going to score today?

  2. I'm sure your mom will take care of you even better than she does on other days. After all it's your day.

    Have a purrfect International Cat Day. My best to your mom. ♥

  3. Happy International Cat Day Brulee and Truffle!!! We hope you both and Mom Paula have a wonderful day celebrating. We love the cute photo of you two. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful and fun time.
    World of Animals

  4. Happy International Cat Day sweeties!

  5. CATS have been sufficiently superficially unfortunate to have been allocated snake-like vertical slit pupils, not to mention an open-mouthed fanged hiss when feeling threatened (which always makes me wonder if there’s some shared genetic makeup), in a world that generally loves to hate snakes. Thus, for the foreseeable future they’ll likely remain entangled within a half-witted Hollywood-cliché’s implicit dislike. Even the comics—especially with the (to me) unpleasant, and sometimes even vicious, Garfield cat—can induce additional contempt for the domesticated feline (especially amongst non-cat-fans).
    As if that wasn’t enough, there’s the vocally progressive national commentator who, via her carte blanch columns, insists upon occasionally proclaiming her contempt for all felines (“I never liked cats”); so much so that she even suggested in a column (just prior to last All Hallows’ Eve, which isn’t a very cat friendly time of year) that Canadian politicians replace their traditional unproductively rude heckling with loud meowing. She closes the piece with the final and perhaps the most impressionable cat-stereotyping line: “My vote is for meowing because I don’t like cats and I’d like to sabotage their brand as much as possible. So if our elected politicians are going to be disrespectful in our House of Commons, they might as well channel the animal that holds us all in contempt.”
    But why feel that way? Maybe as a child she was traumatically attacked by a neighbour’s aggressive cat? Or she witnessed a tom cat biting onto the back of his mate’s neck while copulating and perceived the act as a male unnecessarily physically forcing himself upon a female?
    Nonetheless, if this independent-minded columnist who’s a contentedly-single young woman of colour—a demographic that to me stereotypically must appreciate pet felines—actually dislikes cats that much, why then shouldn’t any of her numerous avid readers?
    I always dread the feline-hating souls willing to procure personal sick-puppy satisfaction from tricking and restraining before torturing to death those sweet-natured thus likely naively-trusting cats whose owners have recklessly allowed them to wander the neighbourhood.
    Quite poetically, however, preying cats were/are known to keep plague-spreading rodent numbers significantly down.(Frank Sterle Jr.)

  6. “WE can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”
    Perhaps German philosopher Emmanuel Kant’s words partly explain why Man’s justice system dropped the charges against the two Sarnia, Ontario men who in 2014 shot a domesticated cat (later named Joe by his saviours) 17 times in the head with a pellet gun, destroying an eye.
    A community newspaper editor wrote in a column that she found troubling that more than a third of surveyed adults “would, under some circumstances, choose to save the life of their dog over the life of a human being, if they could save only one.”
    I’m surprised the percentage isn’t much higher!
    Maybe the courthouse protestors demanding justice for the brutalized feline Joe—those to whom the said editor declared in print, “Hey crazy people, it’s [just] a cat”—feel the same way as I, that it’s understandable for one to save the life of their beloved pet over that of a stranger.
    It seems to me that the editor couldn’t relate to the heartfelt motivation behind such public outrage, regardless of it being directed at such senseless cruelty to an animal, and therefore perceived them as being somehow misguided.
    The protesters, perhaps unlike those who grew up on an animal-food production farm, may not see pet animals in a subordinate manner but instead cherish—therefore protect—their pets as indeed family members.
    To be clear, along with human intelligence comes the potential for maliciousness for the sake of malice. While, being of notably lower intelligence, animals can react violently it’s typically due to distrust; however, leave it to humans to commit a spiteful act, if only because we can. (After all, haven’t you noticed how, to their credit, unusually nice people with, for example, Down Syndrome are when compared to the average, or above, IQ population? I doubt it’s coincidental.) I find that with our four-legged friends there’s a beautiful absence of that undesirable distinctly human trait.
    Hence the jerks who, maybe with nothing better to do, gratuitously assaulted Joe.
    But what particularly annoys me about such rather reckless commentary is that, rather than being just about a viciously assaulted cat, or any another animal, it’s about the very serious matter of the needless torture of an animal by two creeps, who (besides plain not liking cats) likely justified it to themselves with the lame typically-human line, ‘Hey, it’s just a cat, after all.’
    As far as my black pet cat (Simon) goes, he’ll never be just a cat: in fact, he’ll slightly whine like a small child when wanting something, for example as he with expectation stands next to his cherished grooming brush; and he’ll having much to say via loud trilling or an adorable combination of meow and trill, or refusing to eat food dropped to the floor while everyone else eats at the table—he is quite the very loved family member and clearly knows it judging from his enthusiastic character responses. And I don’t consider myself at all crazy for saying so.
    (Frank Sterle Jr.)


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