Saturday, October 26, 2019

National Pumpkin Day

Today is National Pumpkin Day where everyone celebrates that orange piece of fruit that is associated with Halloween and Fall. We're celebrating National Pumpkin Day with an adorable little silver shaded Persian kitten, Brulee.
Brulee - 7 weeks old - October 2011
Photo credit - Terri Rogers

Today is also time to get creative and show your artistic abilities through the Caturday Art Blog Hop, sponsored by Athena Cat Goddess. 

We took the photo above of sweet little Brulee as a 7-week old kitten and decided to add the "flames" effect from LunaPic to create our Halloween Caturday Art Graphic.

Brulee - 7 weeks old - using the "flames" effect in LunaPic

We think Brulee still looks adorable even with the flames surrounding her.

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  1. Brulee looks HOT in today's art!

  2. Awwdorableartwork, sweet Brulee😸Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend🐾😽💞

  3. OMG, I wish I could reach right into the screen, gently pick up wee Brulee, and go crazypants with smoochies!

  4. Aw. Baby Brulee is so cute with the pumpkins.

  5. Nice Post! Happy National Pumpkin Day to you too. I didn't know there was such a thing, but I am a big fan of Fall and Beautiful Pumpkins. I enjoyed the fall pictures of Brulee. So Cute! (From Ava Jaine, Dachshund Station)

  6. Oh no, was it? We missed it! I love pumpkings.

  7. Brulee was such an adorable kitten! I hope all of you enjoyed National Pumpkin Day this year!

  8. Cute flaming orange kitty! Love the effects.

  9. Oops, that last comment was from me, but it didn't come up.

  10. This is THE most gorgeous cat picture EVER and doesn't the filter make you sit up and take notice. What a gorgeous range of colours.


    1. We were extremely lucky that the girls' breeder sent us so many photos and videos of the girls as they were growing up. It's fun to look back on how adorable they were.

  11. If only you popped out of all the All Hallows Eve pumpkins! That would make for the best holiday EVER! Kisses.


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