Sunday, December 8, 2019

Green-Eyed Selfie

I love it when I'm able to capture Truffle and Brulee with natural sunlight coming through the window (which is rare). I thought I'd share a couple of photos today that focus on their beautiful green eyes, which is one of the characteristics of Silver Shaded Persians.

Brulee - December 8, 2019

Truffle - December 8, 2019

These photos should give you a better idea of the differences between Truffle and Brulee. Even though both girls are doll-faced Persians, Brulee has a little flatter face and smaller nose. Brulee's nose is red, while Truffle's nose is black. The standard for Silver Shaded Persians is to have a brick-red nose with black "eyeliner" surrounding it. I'm amazed that Brulee's nose gets redder when she's on my lap, purring and content. Truffle has more silver shades on her face, especially on the nose and under the eyes. Both girls have beautiful green eyes. Looking closely, you can see the different levels of green, where there is a darker green close to the pupil. Truffle's eyes are a lovely blue-green color, while Brulee's eyes are more of a lighter green. Their green eyes also are lined in black, like eyeliner. The texture of their fur is different, too.

I hope this little lesson helps you distinguish between the two of them now.

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  1. You girls are so pretty and we love your selfies!

  2. I love how the natural light brings out more of their details, especially how pretty their eyes are!

  3. You're so beautiful, Truffle and Brulee ! We'll remember the nose color trick to tell you two apart. Purrs

  4. [whistling] Oh my beating heart! Kiss kiss kiss.


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