Tuesday, January 21, 2020

National Hugging Day

This is an oldie, but a goodie for National Hugging Day! Back on November 4, 2011, the day Brulee came to live with us and make our family complete, was one of the happiest days of our lives!

Brulee, Mom Paula, Truffle - November 4, 2011

I wish the girls liked to be hugged, but I take them when I can get them, even if they are squirming. LOL!

Hugging Truffle

Mom Paula and Truffle

Truffle will allow me to pick her up and will settle into my arms for quite a while. Her favorite time to be held and hugged is when I'm at the computer, which isn't the most convenient time for me. She will jump up onto the desk in front of the monitor and meow at me and won't move until I pick her up and she settles into my arms. She'd stay there forever, sleeping and purring, if my arms didn't get so tired. She only weight 7 1/2 pounds, but that can get heavy! Truffle is a special little silver shaded Persian cat. She senses my emotions and is always there to comfort me.

Hugging Brulee

Mom Paula and Brulee
Hugging Brulee is another story. She was a squirmy kitten from the beginning! She doesn't really like to be picked up and held unless it's on her own terms! She is a very loving cat in that she is right beside me wherever I am in the house: beside me on her cat tree in the office, behind my head in the living room chair, or on my lap in the bed. She loves to snuggle when I'm going to bed or waking up and that is the only place she will climb onto my lap and snuggle in and begin purring. Once in a "blue moon" she decides she wants to be held while I'm working on the computer. When I pick her up and snuggles in tightly and begins purring (which is rare) and will literally meld with my body for as long as I can hold her.

Hugging Each Other

Truffle hugging Brulee - December 2011

Truffle and Brulee snuggled when they were kittens, but once they turned around 4 years old, they stopped. However, during the last year, they've begun sleeping close to each other again, especially if I'm near them. One of my favorite photos of the two girls is when Truffle has her paw around Brulee, protecting her from the world. This was when both were a few months old.

Have you hugged your favorite feline today?

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  1. I'm not big on being held, even though I am a therapy cat. Interestingly, there was a strange little boy at the cat show last weekend who kept hanging around and at one point held me, and I let him for longer than normal. My human noticed a huge, Frankenstein-like operation scar on the back of his neck, so so thought maybe I had kicked into therapy cat mode.

  2. Happy National Hugging Day!!! We just love seeing you having such sweet ones to hug with at all times. Even if they squirm a little sometimes. We enjoyed seeing these lovely photos. Have a fun day of celebrating.
    World of Animals

  3. Hugs to both of you! Lexy actually let Mommy hug her for a whole minute today!

  4. Those really are the best huggies ever!

  5. Great hug pictures ! Happy National Hugging Day ! Purrs

  6. I love these pictures of you and the girls. Bear must've known the day because he spent the morning in my arms :)

  7. Nothing better than hugs from kitties and Moms! Mom Peggy thinks it's so funny that the only time I let her pick me up and hug me is when she is in the bathroom on the you-know-what! MOL

  8. I prefer to curl up in Mom's arm, on her pillow, or on her or Dad's lap over being held. I get picked up all the time but Mom says I get squirmy after a minute or two and want down. But I do like it when Dad holds me upside down in his arms and rubs my tummy. Purr purr purr.

  9. they look so sweet hugging each other. I have no cat to hug but Big Boy got his special hugs and many of them all day... I love to hug anything with fur, but not humans


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