Friday, August 28, 2020

Happy Birthday Brulee!

Can you believe Brulee is 9 years old today?

Silver shaded Persian cat, Brulee, sitting on the footrest celebrating her 9th birthday

We can't! It seems like it was only yesterday when we received those photos of Brulee with her litter mates on the day she was born.

Brulee has been a blessing in our home. She was born 4 days after sweet little Beignet left for the Rainbow Bridge. 

Golden shaded Persian cat, Mikayla, with her first litter of cats
Brulee with her litter mates and her mom, Mikayla on the day she was born

Brulee was born on August 27, 2011 to a beautiful Golden Shaded Persian, Mikayla. Mikayla had four beautiful Silver Shaded Persian kittens that day. Little did we know those dark tabby kittens would grow up to be beautiful silver shaded Persians. 

Silver Shaded Persians are born dark and almost look like grey tabby kittens. I remember Terri telling me not to be surprised when I saw the first photos of the girls as kittens because they would be dark. As this special breed matures, their base coat is white with tips of black which gives them the "silver" look. There is usually a mantle of black on the back and shaded evenly on the sides. The Silvers have green or blue-green eyes rimmed with black, black paw pads, and brick red or rose nose leather. By the time I had my first visit to let one of the kittens choose me, a lot of the black had already moved to the tips of the fur. Their eyes don't fully develop into a beautiful green color until they are about two years old. According to the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA), Silvers should have "enough black tipping to give them that shimmering, silver look - vibrant green or blue-green eye color, and eyes outlines with black as if made up with mascara and with nose margin and lip liner to match" (www.cfa.org). Neither Brulee nor Truffle fully meet the CFA standard for "show" cats, but Brulee is the closest to meeting this standard.

Brulee, a silver shaded Persian kitten, sleeping on her back with front paws in the air
Brulee totally relaxed on her first day home

Brulee has been a blessing and joy in our home. She is a beautiful cat with large green eyes and usually likes to sit around being admired. However, she has the quirkiest little personality that keeps Mom Paula laughing.  Some of her antics:
  • Leading Mom Paula around the house with a food bowl in her hands to a place where she wants to eat (it's different each day).
  • Doing a little close-faraway dance each morning when Mom Paula wakes up for several minutes before she finally climbs onto her lap for a morning cuddle session.
  • Resting on top of her tall cat tree. Persians don't usually climb or jump, but Brulee loves to quickly climb to the top of the tree and rest in her perch with her front paws hanging over the edge. She's been known to jump from the tall perch and scare Mom Paula to death!
  • Whole-face meow. Brulee doesn't meow too much except when she wants a treat and Mom Paula isn't quick enough giving it to her. When she does meow, she does it with her entire face. 
  • Treat hog! Brulee will do almost anything for a treat! But, only the treats she wants that day. She is known to change her mind the next day.
  • The way she eats. Brulee does not bite into her food. Instead, she picks up her food with her tongue. She will lick all of the liquid from her canned food and leave the dry morsels for Truffle. Every once in a while, she will surprise us by cleaning her plate, but the same way as her treats - loves it one day, hates it the next.
  • Treat Dance. Brulee has a little dance she does when she runs into a room after hearing the treat bag open. She'll make a 360° turn and emit a squeaky meow. She usually gets a few extra treats for that.
  • Paw Tap. When Brulee wants a treat or to be held when Mom Paula is on the computer, she gently taps her furry paw on Mom Paula's arm. She never uses her claws but will continue tapping until Mom Paula gives in.
  • Snuggle Bunny. Brulee can be a little aloof, but when she's ready to snuggle, she has the loudest purr and she just melts into Mom Paula's arms. This only occurs when Mom Paula is in the bed or typing away on the computer.
We hope everyone enjoyed getting to know Brulee a little better. What's something special you remember about Brulee's 9 years?

Brulee's profile photo on a happy birthday graphic
Happy 9th Birthday, Brulee

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  1. Happy birthday, Brulee! I don't have a treat dance, but I do have a dinner dance!

  2. Happy Birthday, Brulee...and many more!
    Oh my word, you were just a wee ball of fur when first born!

  3. Awww, always such a beauty. Happy Birthday gorgeous Brulee!

  4. Happy birthday Brulee! One of my pups has an August birthday too, only just since he was born on the 1st. Wow Brulee changed SO much from what she looked like as a kitten. Here's to many more birthdays!

  5. Happy happy birthday, you beautiful kitty!

  6. Happy Birthday, Brulee! Enjoy your special day.

  7. Happy Birthday Brulee, hope you get spoiled with lots of treats

  8. Brûlée and Plush are almost birthday twins, his is today. I looked at that picture of the tabby striped
    kittens and wondered if you’d put in the wrong picture -I’ve never seen silvers that young before. It’s one thing to read about it and another to see it. Minnie’s litter had 4 kittens- her look a like brown tabby, Mocha who was white. I knew she was a colorpoint and would darken but I thought she’d turn into a flame point, but she’s a seal point. Betsy was a dark grey tabby until her ghost markings all faded and she turned jet black as her father. The fourth was a silver tabby but sadly it didn’t survive the first day. I wonder if it would have changed too.

  9. Happy birthday, Brulee! We hope you had a super awesome and special day, sweet girl.

  10. Aww, happy birthday, baby. I hope you had a wonderful time.

  11. Happy Birthday Brulee! I hope that you were spoiled while you celebrated (I'm sure that you were). I had no idea that they would present as silver tabbies when they are little - that's news to me! I can see why given your description though!

  12. Happy belated birthday, silver belle! I hope you got extra treats on your special day. Burlee, I too, like to jump to the top of my tree and perch and Mom says I have generous sounding purrs. Sometimes, to get Mom's attention I tap her on the cheek or the arm with my paw like you to to Miss Paula. Winks and nose kisses.

  13. * Blinks * Wow, seriously she was a little tabby thing? I just can't believe it. I learned something new today and boy am I surprised. Who would have thought she would be such a gorgeous grown up!

    * sits and smiles *

  14. Happy Birthday beautiful Brulee! I love how you shared her antics..and I bet the snuggle bunny is the favorite! Here's to a wonderful (and snuggled and treat filled) year!

  15. I can't believe I missed this. Happy [belated] birthday, Brulee! I don't remember seeing Mikayla before - she's stunning. I can't believe four "tiny Bears" grew to be as gorgeous as Brulee [and her littermates].

  16. Oh Cat we are SO late. We have to figure out how to get your post notices in our new email. Anyhoo Big Cat Congrats! You are so sweet and your Mom LOVES you! Purrs


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