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Does My Cat Communicate with Me?

Can our cats communicate with us? There are studies about how cats communicate with their humans through body language. But, can cats communicate telepathically with humans to share feelings and thoughts about their environment and bodies? Communicating with your cats can help you get to know your feline's thoughts and as a result, develop a closer bond through understanding her needs. Working with a professional animal communicator may assist you with this communication.

Silver Persian, Truffle, in arms of Mom Paula
Truffle and Mom Paula share a special bond

What is Animal Communication?

Penelope Smith is considered to be the founder of animal communication. Penelope discovered in 1971 that animals could be relieved of emotional traumas and other problems through the same counseling techniques use to help humans. She has a background in social sciences (bachelor's and master's degrees) and experiences and training in human counseling, nutrition, and holistic body energy balancing methods. She has also researched animal nutrition, anatomy, behavior, and care.  Penelope believes that the "sacred connection we make through telepathic communication with other species is essential for human wholeness." She also believes that everyone is born with the power to communicate with other species. Penelope says she communicates with animals telepathically - with or without physical contact - through feelings, intentions, thoughts, concepts, or mental pictures and that the animals reciprocate in the same way.

Animal communication works through telepathy. Telepathy is an energetic transference of information. This type of communication allows someone the ability to see what is in the mind of another individual, whether human or animal. When an animal communicator uses telepathy, it allows her to feel the emotional feelings or to communicate mentally without using words or other physical signs. 

When Should You Consider Using a Professional Animal Communicator?

People and animals are closer than ever now since cats and dogs have moved into our homes. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people are home more and are able to observe the daily activities and behaviors of their pets. By sharing such close contact, people become intuitive to the needs of their pets. Cat behavior and health are a little more challenging to discern because cats are notorious for hiding any illnesses or by "acting out" through inappropriate urination or fighting with other cats in the home. People tend to sense something isn't quite right, but their cats can't verbally talk to share what is happening in the environment. Hiring an animal communicator may give you some insight into the emotional, physical, or behavioral experiences of your feline. Animal communicators can be helpful with:
  • emotional and behavior issues
  • health issues and physical problems
  • preparing an animal for surgery
  • healing trauma situations
  • enhancing and improving performance
  • adjusting to a changing family structure
  • traveling and moving situations
  • working with rescued animals
  • euthanasia decisions
Even though they may assist with any of the above concerns or issues, an animal communicator is not a substitute for seeing a veterinarian or animal behaviorist. An animal communicator provides insight to what your cat may be thinking or feeling and this may assist you in describing the situation to your vet. No animal communicator should suggest they can heal your cat!

Who is a Good Animal Communicator?

Just as all medical and mental professionals aren't created or trained equally, the same holds true for an animal communicator. You should research to find someone with a lot of experience and read the reviews and reactions from clients. Animal communicators are practitioners, but they are also human. Listen closely to things your animal communicator tells you and if something feels off or you are being told something you know to not be true - speak up! It's okay to be a little skeptical. Listen and observe what is happening with your heart, but don't forget about common sense! Everything you may hear won't be 100% accurate. Some animals may refuse to communicate with an animal communicator and that's okay. Animal communicators want to know if something isn't working and they prefer you let them know early in the conversation. If the animal communicator is able to successfully communicate with your cat, she will share what your feline is feeling and thinking about the main issues from the cat's viewpoint. This communication allows the communicator to present something useful - whether it's confirmation of what you may already know, uncover new information, provide clarity regarding the right direction to proceed with a problem, and answer questions you may have. If effective communication occurs, you will gain a better insight to the world as your cat sees it and your bond can become stronger and healthier. 

As a reminder - a professional animal communicator will not analyze, diagnose, or prescribe anything medically! The communicator can relay what your cat wants to say, how she is feeling, where she hurts, when the problem began, and what is or isn't helping. Some veterinarians are now working closely with animal communicators, while others may be skeptical. Vets tend to tell their clients that the people who live with the animals know them best and if you have some additional insight that may help with treatment, hopefully, your vet will be open to the conversation.

Mom Paula silently communicating with Persian Cat, Truffle
A moment of telepathic communication 

Personal Experiences With an Animal Communicator

Most animal communicators will ask for a photo of your cat and a list of specific questions you'd like to ask prior to the session. I've worked with four different animal communicators over the past nine years and each experience brought enlightenment, confusion, questions, insight, and a little pain. Each experience was a little different. Sessions occurred through email, telephone, video chats, and in person. 

Experiences Over the Last 10 years

My first experience with an animal communicator was with Coryelle Kramer in April 2011 and it concerned my previous cat, Praline who had been diagnosed with cancer and she was declining rapidly. I was on Facebook one night and saw a post from Coryelle offering a few people an opportunity for her to communicate with your pet. I was approaching that dreaded decision of letting Praline go, so I decided to send in my name.  I had to include a photo of Praline and a question. My question was simple - "How can I help Praline?"  I gave no other information. That weekend, Praline stopped eating and I knew the end was near. I had a heart-to-heart conversation with Praline and I told her I'd be okay if she was ready to go and that if she could hang on until Monday, I'd take her to the vet and help her to the bridge. My heart was breaking, wondering if I was making the right decision. I didn't expect to hear from Coryelle, but to my amazement, I received the following email on Sunday:

Hi Praline & Paula
I want to first thank you all for giving to the opportunity to connect with Praline today. Here is what I received.  "We've talked, and worked out the signals for knowing when it's time, we've said what needed to be said and we keep saying it. We've hugged and cried cuddled and nuzzled and everything is going exactly as it should. It's all unfolding purrrfectly (sorry mom I just couldn't resist!). Thank you for saying you would let me go I needed to hear that."
I hope this helps you both ~ Coryelle\
Thanks Praline for talking with me!

Coryelle's abilities had a huge impact on me that weekend and I'll always remember how those words gave me comfort and an understanding that Praline understood what I was trying to tell her.

I've talked with Coryelle several times since then and have share results of conversations when they were kittens, when Brulee was refusing to eat in the kitchen, and before and during Truffle's surgery to remove bladder stones

Not all conversations with an animal communicator have been successful or satisfying. I did have a conversation with one animal communicator over the telephone that I didn't feel comfortable with what she was sharing with me. She wanted to talk about my personal life and began telling me things about getting married and finding romance and when she was asked about why Brulee didn't like being groomed, her response was that someone hurt her in the past. I knew this wasn't true, so didn't rely on her communication too much.

I met another animal communicator, Linda Roberts, at Meow Meet Up in July 2019. She shared that Truffle and Brulee knew I took care of them, but they had switched roles and were now taking care of me. They shared that I wasn't healthy or happy and that they had taken on the role of caregivers. She even shared that Brulee said I needed to have fun in my life and her leading me around the house to a different location to eat was her way of playing a game with me.

Two silver shaded Persians, Truffle and Brulee, looking forward

Truffle and Brulee communicating with Mom Paula

Recent Experience with Ann Marie Hoff

My most recent experience occurred with Ann Marie Hoff, who is an artist, pet communicator, and intuitive medium. I'd met Ann a couple of years ago with her cat, Samson, at Global Pet Expo, but had no idea she was an animal communicator. We were attending a webinar together recently and she mentioned that she communicated with animals and was willing to work with someone for a review. I quickly took her up on the offer and we scheduled a session. I was very curious to see if she'd get the same insight from Truffle and Brulee that other communicators had shared. Ann said the four reasons people tend to contact her are: 1) behavioral issues, 2) lost pets, 3) end of life decisions, and 4) medical intuitive. Ann says "Talking to your pets on the other side, that love never dies, we are always connected to who we love, and I have seen cats and dogs both reincarnate in new bodies back to their owners. That is something I didn't believe before I started working as a communicator."  

Like other animal communicators, Ann asked for photos of my pets and if I had any questions. I sent her a photo of Truffle, Brulee, and my previous cat, Praline. We scheduled a Zoom chat for our session. I like the Zoom chats because I can watch the session to see how the communicator and my girls are acting.

When we first signed on, Brulee was in my arms and the first thing Ann said is "Brulee is beautiful and she knows it." I thought we were going to begin communicating with Brulee, but Ann said, "wait, someone wants to talk to you." I asked if it was Praline, because she usually wants to chat, but Ann said it was a human. I was shocked. Ann began asking a few questions and describing what the person was saying and how she was communicating with a Southern dialect and I discovered it was my Aunt Hazel who passed away 2 years ago. Hazel and I were always close, but I lost contact with my uncle and her when my cousins moved them to Dallas so they could take care of them. I admit - I burst into tears. Several personal stories were shared and it was a very interesting conversation. 

Brulee. Coryelle had told me several years ago that Brulee didn't like grooming because she wasn't "accustomed to her body yet." I was never clear whether that meant Brulee was a cat before, but not a Persian. Brulee communicated with Ann that she was a different species (possibly human) before and she had a job to complete and that's why she came back. That job was to show loyalty. This helps explain why Brulee is always in the same room with me and tends to be close by, especially when I'm ill. Ann also said that Brulee didn't like how she had to eat her food - that she missed eating with utensils. Brulee always tends to use her paw to push her kibble and treats into her mouth. Ann shared that Brulee said she was the prettiest one - a diva - a lady! She still doesn't feel like she's a cat.

Truffle. When it was time to communicate with Truffle, I picked up Truffle and placed her into my arms where she immediately settled in and looked at the computer. Ann's first words were "she LOVES you." Truffle even gave her the slow blink when Ann said this. Ann confirmed that Truffle viewed me as her own. Truffle also communicated to Ann that she was appreciative of the new blanket I had placed on the bed and that she really liked it. I did buy a new blanket this past summer to put on the end of my bed and both girls like to sleep there. Ann did mention that Truffle was doing fine, but she sensed a little bit of crystals in her bladder and that she needed plenty of water. This is the exact same thing the vet told me at Truffle's 6-month checkup this summer. I think I'm going to begin using filtered water (either purified or spring) in their fountains because we have such hard water.

Beignet. Beignet was Truffle's littermate and died at 11 weeks of age from a sarcoma that developed from his first vaccination. This was the first time I tried to reach out to him because I felt we did develop a bond those first few weeks because I visited so often. Beignet's response was that he wanted to go back (to the bridge) - that he wasn't ready to be here. He said he was happy.

Praline. Praline wanted to let me know that she still visited but didn't really make herself known unless we were under a lot of stress. Ann communicated that Praline did want to come back to me one day, but that she wanted to be a dark Persian, not white or silver. (side note: Coryelle told me the last time we chatted that Praline wasn't finished with me yet and that she would be back.) The day of writing this post is Praline's 25th birthday (she left me at 15 1/2 years). It honestly feels like yesterday when she was living with me.

Muff. Muff was my first cat and I'd never tried to communicate with her in past sessions with animal communicators. Ann was able to connect with Muff and Muff told her that she was the one who taught me what it was like to live with a cat. Ann shared that Muff wasn't happy that I let my ex-husband take her with him when he left me. Once again, the tears began flowing because I always felt guilty by not letting her stay with me. I remember saying, "if I am going to lose both of you, I'd rather do it at the same time." Muff had been diagnosed with chronic renal failure and didn't have much longer to live. Muff shared that she was my cat and not his and that she wasn't happy with him. However, Muff did say she forgave me.

Tiny. Tiny was my very first pet and he was a beautiful Collie. This was the first time I tried to reach out to him, too. I sent Ann an old black and white photo of him because this was about 50+ years ago. My question was "how were the last few years of your life?" Ann was able to connect with Tiny and he told her that they weren't good. She asked me if this meant anything to me and I responded that my parents gave away both my sister and my dogs without letting us know and I always wondered how he did. Tiny said he was the protector of the children and me in the neighborhood. This made me sad, but I honestly felt better after the connection.

Praline as a kitten back in 1995

My Reaction

Ann was the fourth animal communicator I've talked with and I wasn't disappointed. As I said earlier and is recommended by communicators - always be open, but a little skeptical. Ann confirmed a lot of what other animal communicators have told me in the past, but she did provide a little more specificity. Ann was pleasant and easy to work with. I loved being able to communicate through Zoom and the fact that she could record the session for me to watch at a later date.

I know many of my "educated" friends think I'm crazy for believing what I'm told, but there is so much value in what has been shared with me and it's definitely helped strengthen the human-animal bond between Truffle, Brulee, and me.  I strongly encourage anyone to consider talking with an animal communicator if your cat is experiencing some behavioral or health issues or if you'd just like to know how they are doing. I remember one of the cat bloggers at BlogPaws was told that her cat didn't like his name. She went home and began calling him something else and the misbehavior stopped. 

Ann says that pets pick up the energy and issues happening with their owners and that they came to protect, enhance, and help their owner's lives. Anyone who shares their home with a human should believe this.

If you'd like to hire Ann for a session, you can get information on her website


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  1. Very interesting post! I've always been fascinated by animal communicators but have never actually taken the plunge to try using one to communicate with my own pets. Thankfully I've always felt that I have a very strong bond with my dogs, and we're pretty good at communicating with each other without words.

  2. We're still unsure about all this but we have considered it many times.

  3. I've worked with three animal communicators, plus have trained to be one myself!
    It's a fantastic feeling, to 'see' images, and understand their meanings.
    However, I am FAR from being professional, and am always wondering what the cats are thinking, especially Paddy O'Malley and Sweetie.
    Thanks for this post!

  4. Oh wow. What an interesting insightful post. I've never used an animal communicator but think it would be great. Ann was very detailed and insightful. I don't think it's nuts. Animals have personalities and spirits similar to us. Like you said, the love never dies and just transforms. And to know Praline may be back? Awesome. Great read.

  5. My human has an open mind about animal communicators. Which means, she doesn't necessarily believe everything she hears from them, but she does believe there are communication channels between all living beings, and that some people are more in tune with them than others. She has had interesting and good sessions with Coryelle, but there was one lady in the 1990s who was quite a bit off!

  6. Very interesting post ! It’s still hard to say if we believe it or not, but we think more and more of giving it a try. Purrs

  7. I have often wondered about this but on the other hand it does make sense as people go to mediums to speak to someone that has passed so why not go to an animal communicator plus I would love to know how Baby is, is she happy with Layla in my life and is Layla really happy with me. I would love to win

  8. This is an interesting subject. We tried an animal communicator twice before we found the third one. Like with anything, animal communicators are not all created equal.

    In fact, after the first two disappointments, we weren't going to try any more. But then, Jasmine's chiropractor recommended one and she is amazing. I've been coming back to her since.

  9. I think it is great she can communicate with living and deceased pets. I would love to contact some of my cats that have passed. XO

  10. I'm glad you've been able to make some sense out of the loss you've experienced with your pets.

  11. That was super interesting! It sounds like Ann had some terrific insights. We definitely would be open to communicating with our angel cats.

  12. *sniffle* You have me here crying. I would have so many questions! I constantly worry about our senior boy with health issues.

  13. Your information shows the range of good and bad communicators, it will require some research before engaging one that is for sure.

  14. What a great reading! We just love Coryelle, and we hope we win Ann Marie's reading.

  15. This was really interesting to read. I have always believed that our pets have the ability to communicate with us but I haven't tried reaching out to someone to try before. This is something that I would definitely love to do!

  16. I believe our pets do, we just need to be open to it, and this doesn't work every time. Our cats are, I am sure, that one or two of my cats would have things to say through a communicator!

  17. This is so cool! Such interesting info, and Penelope sounds like a very amazing individual. I will have to research her a little more. I have a dog with anxiety (the first dog I’ve ever had with an issue like this), you’ve peaked my interest into possibly seeking a communicator for assistance with figuring out her anxiety.

  18. I’ve worked with an animal communicator once, a friend actually. Like you said, it was a medical issue that lead me to do a session. I had just adopted Treeno and he came to me with issues. As my heart cat I was so worried about him all the time, especially since my vet seemed less than intterested in working with us and I got the impression he thought Treeno didn’t have a good future. But worry was getting in the way of bonding fully. My friend was able to check with Treeno and he told me to just relax he was feeling fine and could we just have fun together? We have the best relationship and while I’ll always be nervous about him more than my other cats I’m not obsessed. I appreciate my friend’s translating for us. (Treeno’s 14 now, he was 3 when I adopted him and did our session)

  19. I'm pretty skeptical of these things, but I am still open minded enough to try a session. I especially think it would be useful if an animal is in pain or sick.

  20. Wow! Paula, such an interesting and intriguing post! I have to say, I had tears in my eyes at when it came to your aunt coming through! I've toyed with the idea of talking with a communicator. A good friend of mine used to periodically chat with one, and she found it to be very helpful. This has been such an enlightening post. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  21. We talk to TBT and he talks back. Not always sensibly, but sounds matter. He can tell when we want food vs when we want attention. WE can tell when he wants to play kibble or toy toss and the difference (because that is in different rooms).

    It IS tricky though.

  22. Mom hasn't ever visited with a pet communicator before, but at BlogPaws 2017 she had a session with a lady that specializes in cat astrologist.

  23. Mom hasn't ever visited with an animal communicator, but during BlogPaws 2017 she had a session with a cat astrologist.


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