Wednesday, September 9, 2020

MUSE™ Medallion Winner

We were honored to be awarded the MUSE™ Medallion from the Cat Writers' Association (CWA) in the category: Blog or Website - Education and Informative!

Silver shaded Persian cat, Truffle, with paw on CWA Muse Medallion
Truffle claiming the MUSE Medallion

What is a MUSE™ Medallion?

The Cat Writers' Association (CWA) held its first Communications Contest in November 1994. Karen Kuykendall, founding member of CWA, designed the Muse Medallion™ which recognizes excellence among writers, photographers, artists, and broadcasters. Each year, members of CWA submit samples of their work for consideration of the coveted Muse Medallion. Qualified entries are evaluated by professional CWA members and experts who volunteer their time and expertise to serve as contest judges. Entries are evaluated against an objective standard of excellence. Certificates of Excellence are awarded to entries that earn an average score of 90 or higher. These certificate of excellence winners are then evaluated to determine who should receive the Muse Medallion in each category at the annual CWA Awards Ceremony.

In 2018, we rebranded and redesigned the Sweet Purrfections blog to combine research and stories about Living and Learning with Persian Cats. Our posts now features information about Persian Cats along with general information about health, behavior, nutrition, environment, and the animal-human bond about cats. We also share stories of our daily lives together as a family, to let our readers enjoy the challenges and joys of living with beautiful Persian Cats. We received nine (9) Certificates of Excellence earlier this Summer for 2019 and shared information about the entries. Each of these entries qualified for a MUSE™ award.  

MUSE™ Medallion Award

Screen shot of the MUSE Medallion winner from the CWA awards ceremony
Slide from the CWA Awards Ceremony
Graphic credit: Deb Barnes, CWA President

We were honored to receive a MUSE™ Medallion for the category of Blog/Website: Educational/Informative for our blog, Sweet Purrfections. The description for the Blog/Website category and the subcategory of Educational/Informative is:

I. BLOGS/WEBSITES: Blogs and websites should focus on felines and be appealing in visual content and design. Posts should capture the unique presence of cats in our lives. Blogs and websites should appeal to the general cat-owning population. Blogs and websites are judged collectively on overall content, structure and navigation, visual design, functionality, engagement, and overall experience. Graphics and photos should enhance the narrative of posts. There should be a minimum of 2 posts per month for at least one year. The blog/website is judged in its entirety, but individuals should submit links to three (3) blog posts that exemplify their best work and as supporting evidence of the quality of the overall blog. 

I.2 BLOGSITE#/WEBSITE: EDUCATIONAL/INFORMATIVE: Educational/informative articles exist on Blogs/and or Websites dedicated to educating readers about specific cat-related topics that can range from health and well-being, to behavioral issues, medical issues, training, and more.


Winning slide for MUSE medallion with Paula Gregg and her Persian Cat, Truffle
Winning Graphic from CWA Awards Virtual Ceremony
Graphic credit: Deb Barnes, CWA President

Here are the four posts we submitted as samples for a Educational/Informative blog from Sweet Purrfections. 

Sample Blog Entries Submitted

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  1. Congrats, we're proud of your achievements! The Muse Medallion is so very nice but I always wonder why it's not the Mews Medallion, but that's just me being a cat.

  2. Many Con-Cats on your Muse Medallion and all the Certificates of Excellence, too!

  3. Super coolio on the wins!
    Looking forward to your new theme.

  4. That is so awesome! Congratulations!

  5. That was a really well-deserved award!

  6. Congratulations! That Muse is DEFINITELY Truffle's! And wow - it looks great next to her silver shading - they make a beautiful pair.

  7. Concatulations on your muse! It's very exciting to win one.

  8. Congratulations, well deserved! Looking forward to this year's new and exciting changes and info.

  9. ConCatulatioins!

    Thank you for your kind words about Allie. We miss her so much.

    The Florida Furkids and Mom Sharon

  10. Concatulations and much deserved! You have worked so hard.

  11. Congratulations on your well deserved award! XO

  12. Congrats, and so well deserved! You always have such informative information about cats, and let's face it - two gorgeous kitty models!

  13. Hurrah for you! It is great to see hard work rewarded by the kudos of the Best of the Best. Well done.

    I can't wait for my Muse medallion and Kuykendall Image Award to arrive. OOh the excitement!!!

  14. Congratulations; that is wonderful and so deserved.

  15. I was watching the ceremony and when they listed the finalists for your category I knew it was going to you. Congratulations! Truffle looks lovely as always with “her” medal.

  16. This is just the Best! We have been following you for years and really love the great learning we have had from your posts.


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