Thursday, February 25, 2021

Cats and Cancer

The dreaded Big C! One hates to hear of a loved one getting a diagnosis of cancer, but it can be even more heartbreaking when one of our cats receives the diagnosis. Cats are masters at hiding illnesses, so cancer can be harder to detect which may lead to later diagnoses and more difficult and costly treatments. Did you know that cancer afflicts an estimated 2% of the 80 million (2021) or more housecats now living in the United States? 

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Lil Paws - 5-in-1 Premium Pet Carrier (with giveaway)

There will always be a need to transport your cat, whether it's to carry it to the veterinarian or to travel on road trips. There are so many different types of carriers: hard-sided, soft-sided, backpack, travel bed, and others. The type of carrier you use when traveling with your cat depends on how you are traveling, your needs, and your cat's comfort. 

Lil-Paws reached out to us about reviewing their 5-in-1 Premium Cat Carrier. I was happy to receive this product because we believe in sharing items to our readers that may help make their daily lives with their cats a little better.