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Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeder

Keeping your pets on a regular feeding schedule is important, but sometimes, it's difficult to provide those small meals throughout the day, especially when you are working long hours or need to be out of town for a day. One solution may be an automatic pet feeder.

Cat behaviorists say cats shouldn't be "free-fed" throughout the day because they may overeat and can become sick and/or overweight. They recommend cats eat small meals throughout the day. The convenience of kibble tends to lend itself to pouring into a bowl and leaving for the day, hoping your pet will eat when she's hungry. However, some pets (cats and dogs) will eat the entire bowl in one sitting, which isn't healthy. Using an automatic pet feeder, such as one of the Petlibro feeders, can help you schedule meals throughout the day with the appropriate portions for your pet.Pet Libro's slogan for the automatic pet feeders is "The Right Amount at the Right Time" because you can help customize your pet's meal times and portions for times when you are away from home. The Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeders can be quickly set up through an easy-to-use LCD screen that is based on your pet's age, weight, and activity. Once the feeder is set up specifically for your pets, they can be fed regularly and feel safe because of the connection with your voice recording while you are away. There are several types of the Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeders with different features and the choice of a plastic or stainless steel bowl and the option of WIFI control. The Petlibro automatic feeders are great for cats and suitable for medium to small breed dogs.

We received the Petlibro 4L Automatic Pet Feeder to review. We've used automatic feeders in the past and were very interested to see how this feeder works. The 4L feeder we received did not include WIFI and had a plastic food tray. This feeder was easy to put together and included a Quick Guide to set up the feeding schedule that was easy to follow. A User Guide is also included in the folder packet.

Photo credit - Petlibro

The Petlibro 4L Automatic Pet Feeder contains a 4L/16.9 Cup storage capacity for kibble to allow less time refilling the container. The pet feeder is connected with a 5V DC adapter, but also includes a place for 3 D-cell batters for emergency back-up should you lose power. The LCD display is bright when in use and you can see all of the information you need displayed. The display is locked when not in use and you need to press and hold the unlock button for 3 seconds in order to use the menus. The Petlibro 4L Automatic Pet Feeder contains a desiccant bag to help food maintain freshness by helping reduce moisture buildup from the air. One of the things that makes this automatic feeder unique is that you can record your voice and it will play as the kibble is dispensed. 

Our Review

As I said earlier, the automatic pet feeder was extremely easy to put together out of the box. It took me a few extra minutes to understand how to work the menu button, but after reviewing the Quick Guide and the User Guide, I was able to set up the feeder. The unique feature of this automatic feeder was the ability to record my voice. I recorded two different recordings of statements I use when feeding them to try out to see which my cats would respond to: "Time to Eat" and "Are You Ready to Eat." My cats were very curious when they first heard the recording. They are accustomed to hearing kibble dropping from a feeder, but never heard me talking at the same time. It took them a little time to become comfortable with the dropping of the kibble and my voice, After a few times, they became familiar with the feeder and ate from it as they normally would. 

I like having the option of feeding kibble through an automatic feeder so my cats are feed on a regular schedule with the appropriate portions. There is a different automatic feeder (Petlibro 4L WIFI Automatic Pet Feeder) that includes the remote APP control, where you can feed your pets from anywhere anytime with your phone. The WIFI feeder also has the option of a stainless steel bowl which is my preference for feeding my cats.

The Petlibro automatic feeders range from $69.99 - 89.99 and are available on the Petlibro website and Amazon (4L Automatic Feeder and WIFI 4L Automatic Feeder). 

silver shaded Persian cat, Truffle, eating from Petlibro automatic feeder
Truffle enjoys eating from the tray of the Petlibro 4L Automatic Feeder

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  1. That's pretty cool. I have two seniors that need to be fed several small meals throughout the day, but they need canned food. There are always bowls of crunchies out for the rest to free feed (between their 2 regular mealtimes) but a couple of them have a weight problem because of it.
    Midnight & Cocoa
    Mini & Fluff
    Tyler & Marty
    Beeb, Beanie & Bella

  2. That looks like a great system. I bet my cats would try to tip it over to get into it. :)

  3. Daisy Mae is a "free eating" Cat. She sleeps most of the day and comes and eats about 2-3 times a day.
    Great looking system. The PetLibro 4l The one that's not dealing with a phone or wai fi automatic cat feeder would be the best for Daisy Mae. Since Daisy Mae is a free fed cat she hasn't been weighed since before this Pandemic so don't know if she's overweight or not. Sounds like a great system

  4. We had an auto feeder when Mom and Dad were both working and it was really useful, especially if they were running late getting home.

  5. I'm sure this would be good for humans who feed their cats kibble.

  6. Wow, this looks like a great feeder. We would totally try this with Ava (who likes to harass her mom for snacks. mol!)

  7. This looks like a amazing feeder, my cat would love this.

  8. Thanks for sharing this wonderful review on this feeder. This is great for if you are not home on time and it's time for the little one to eat. We like that you can select the portions. Have a great rest of your day.
    World of Animals Rittenhouse

  9. Our mom has been eyeing this feeder. I think we're going to review it!

  10. Very cool product! One of my dogs is a hog and I could never free feed her, she'd scarf down the whole thing. I like that this feeder comes in different sizes and that it has voice ootions.

  11. We have been lucky with our two current cats, they only eat when hungry and a bowl of food an sit there for a couple of days or so before they reach the bottom. However, that wasn't the case with cats I've had in the past! This would have been VERY helpful with the cat that we had when I was a child. He was a food hog lol

  12. WOW that is amazing for the kibble eaters - makes life really easy

  13. What an amazing feeder. I love automated ones, especially for indoor cats who might eat everything at once otherwise!!

    A slow measured dose is perfect, especially if your cat needs to watch its weight.

  14. We are lucky TBT is home all day. All we have ta do is ask fer foods. Well, usually. No matter what we do, it is still only 6. But we get ta choose "when" a lot.

  15. My cats would love any of the feeders.

  16. With multiple cats this would be perfect

  17. The wifi one looks like the most appropriate. We travel a LOT and while we always make plans of our pet, we've missed planes and had other delays before. Having wifi would ensure we get an extra day in an emergency.

  18. This would be super easy to feed my 2 cats with!

  19. I think the Petlibro 4L WIFI Automatic Pet Feeder would fullfil my pets needs most of all. Why? Because I'd be able to feed them when I'm not home when I'm forced to work a 12 hour shift. Very convenient

  20. I like the Petlibro 4L WIFI my cats would love it. Especially when I am out for the day. Nothing like fresh food.

  21. The Petlibro 4L WIFI Automatic Pet Feeder would help with my cats for a lot of reasons.


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