Saturday, May 29, 2021

A Day in the Life of Two Pampered Persian Cats

Can you believe we've been blogging almost 10 years? Truffle will celebrate her 10th birthday next week and Brulee will be 10 years old in August! Where has all the time gone? We've posted almost 2800 posts during this time and we thought we share what a typical day in our life looks like.

two silver shaded Persian cats facing the camera

Waking Up

Since Mom Paula is retired now, we don't have a regular schedule for the mornings. However, we do have a typical routine. If the weather is cold, we're usually sleeping on the bed with Mom Paula. If it's warmer, Brulee can usually be found at the foot of the bed underneath the ceiling fan and Truffle is under the bed near the AC vent. Brulee is usually the first to stir when Mom Paula wakes up. This is the time of the day that Brulee likes cuddles and will perform a 1-2 minute ritual before climbing into Mom Paula's lap for morning cuddles. During this time, Mom Paula usually cleans Brulee's eyes, combs her long and luxurious fur, and gets some one-on-one time snuggling and rubbing Brulee's soft belly.

silver shaded Persian cats - one resting on lap and one beside person
Brulee in Mom Paula's lap and Truffle resting on the bed beside Mom Paula

By this time, Brulee is ready for a treat and enjoys a few before Truffle realizes what is happening and joins her on the bed. Mom Paula tries to comb Truffle's thick fur, but Truffle is getting a little more impatient with grooming lately. The sessions end with plenty of treats for everyone and if Mom Paula staying in the bed, Truffle will climb beside Mom Paula and snuggle in while Brulee enjoys Mom Paula's lap. We can stay like this for a couple of hours!


Mom Paula doesn't feed us first thing in the morning. We have an automatic feeder for our kibble and also a small bowl of kibble on the footrest in the living room and we eat throughout the day and night. We're not big eaters and prefer to nibble. Mom Paula usually feeds us 1/2 can of wet food in the late afternoon or early evening. We don't like to eat beside each other because Truffle tends to eat her food and then push Brulee out of the way to finish hers.

silver shaded Persian Cat eating from a white pedestal bowl
Truffle enjoying her wet food

Mom Paula will usually follow Brulee to whatever point in the house Brulee chooses to eat that day and will place Truffle's bowl a few feet away from Brulee. Mom Paula usually stands near both of us the first few minutes to make sure we'll eat our food and that Brulee gets to eat before Truffle interferes. We are fed a variety of brands, textures, and proteins which are rotated daily to avoid boredom and/or becoming finicky. We eat chicken, turkey, duck, rabbit, lamb, and occasionally salmon. We are only fed 1/2 of a small can each and we will nibble on it for a couple of hours. We only weigh approximately 8 pounds and we are considered a great weight for our breed.

Office Assistants

Even though Mom Paula retired four years ago, she is still on the computer a lot. She is the current President of the Cat Writers' Association, the managing editor of the Cat Blogosphere, and helps us with the Sweet Purrfections' Blog. We like to be in the same room with Mom Paula when she's on the computer, so she's put two small cat trees behind her office chair where we can watch her work and/or take a nap. We also have a desk topper where we can supervise her more closely.

two silver shaded Persians in front of computer
Brulee resting in her Desk Topper while Truffle assists with the mouse

We are usually pretty good supervising Mom Paula when she's working, but Truffle has a tendency to climb in front of the computer monitor when she thinks Mom Paula has been working too long. 


Everyone knows cats sleep 12-16 hours a day, so much of our day is spent snoozing. Mom Paula has been ill the last year and is struggling from her "COVID-type" illness from last year, so she tends to take a long nap in the afternoon either in the bed or in her living room chair. We join her in the bed during those afternoon naps. Brulee is usually at the foot of the bed and Truffle is beside Mom Paula or under the covers, touching Mom Paula's leg. If Mom Paula takes a nap in the living room, both Truffle and Brulee are usually behind her head on the back of the chair. 

We also have several places we like to sleep throughout the house. We have a cat tree in each room and several pieces of furniture where we can climb inside to take a nap. Brulee likes to climb to a high point in the room for her naps (Truffle doesn't bother her too much there) and Truffle likes to climb inside one of her cubby holes or go under the bed where it's cool (or warm in the winter). 

At night, when Mom Paula is watching TV, Truffle likes to curl up inside her Sleepypod® Mobile Pet Bed or on top of the DVR. Brulee likes to sleep behind Mom Paula's head on the back of the chair. 

Once in a blue moon, Mom Paula may find both of us resting together on the end of the bed underneath the ceiling fan.

two silver Persian cats resting on the end of the bed, facing the camera
Truffle and Brulee watching Mom Paula from the foot of the bed


We've already written a detailed post about our daily grooming routine. Mom Paula keeps a greyhound-type comb, small grooming scissors, and eye cleaning products in three different rooms in the house (office, living room, bedroom) because you never know when a Persian cat will have runny eyes or a mat. Mom Paula wants to keep us in full-coat all the time because she loves the look of a Persian Cat. She doesn't have us shaved in the "lion cut" or other cuts to help us stay cool in the summer because our fur can actually keep us cool. The layer of air trapped within our coats can act as a buffer against extreme environmental heat. We also shed excess fur in the warmer months to help keep us warm. We don't really love being groomed, but Mom Paula always rewards us with plenty of treats after a grooming session.

silver shaded Persian Cat with grooming tools
All of the tools needed to help keep us looking beautiful!

We hope you've enjoyed learning about a typical day for us. We do like to play during out waking hours. We love wrestling with each other, but Brulee tends to get impatient with Truffle and will end up hissing and swatting Truffle!

We know we are two pampered and spoiled Persian Cats, but we are blessed to live with someone who loves us unconditionally and who will sacrifice her own needs to make sure we are well taken care of.

Join us next week when we talk about our 6-month wellness checkup and celebrate Truffle's 10th birthday.

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  1. It looks like you two have a pretty good life there. Ten years is a long time to blog. I look forward to your blogiversary. :)

  2. That was a pawsome account of a typical day :)
    I liked the picture of you girls in your mum's office.
    Mum also had a notebook just like your mums'(She is always making notes) and
    she has a red mouse like your mum ;)
    Sounds like you girls are living a good life too :)
    Purrs, Julie

  3. You two are such sweeties and you really are most beautious!

  4. You guys have an awesome life! I'm glad your human understands about the importance of your fur - so many people are lazy and just shave their fluffy cats, to which I wonder, why even have a longhaired cat in the first place?

  5. It's always good to hear from you two and hearing details of your life ! Purrs !

  6. I love your routine it so slow and relaxing and sure the two of them are loving it also.

  7. I wish all kitties were as blessed. XO

  8. That was fun to learn how you two spend your day.

  9. Enjoyed reading about the daily lives of Truffle and Brulee! Thanks for sharing their sweet story!

  10. Truffle and Brulee, it sounds like you two have a great day every day! :)

  11. You two Persians have the best home and life with a mum who works hard and spoils you wickedly too!

    How great to have an insight into your busy day, and yes, we have cats who supervise too * g *.

  12. It seems like Truffle and Brulee have a great home life! They are two of the luckiest cats that I "know."

  13. How wonderful to be sharing your beautiful kitties with us for 10 years! And they sure do have a wonderful life! Congrats on the blogiversary! I always say you have two of the most beautiful cats. I love how they spend their day, and had to laugh when you said they can't eat next to each other! My Huskies all had their own spot, too, near each other but far enough away that Chloe our lovely chow hound could not bump another away to get their food! Oh, I do miss those days!

  14. Wow, 10 years. That is a lot of years worth of sharing your very sweet & beautiful life! Life is surely good for the kitties and Mom Paula.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  15. What a wonderful life, Truffles and Brulee! And it looks you are both very skilled in the supervision of your mom's computer work. Looking forward to the Tenth Blogaversary!


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