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Happy 10th Birthday Truffle

birthday graphic with silver shaded Persian, Truffle
Happy Birthday Truffle. Photos surrounding 10-year old Truffle are the first 10 weeks of her life.

Can you believe Truffle is 10 years old today? It seems like yesterday when I received an email from Terri that announcing the birth of two little silver shaded Persian kittens. 

Mom Chloe with kittens: Truffle (left) and Beignet (right)

You may be surprised to see the silver shaded Persian kittens so dark in the photo above. Terri warned me that they are born dark and slowly turn white with black tips in their fur that gives them a silver appearance. Truffle was born to Chloe, a silver shaded Persian cat. There were two kittens in the litter: Truffle and her brother, Beignet. Both were eventually selected to come home with me, but unfortunately, we lost Beignet at 11 weeks of age (a story for another time).

I was so nervous and excited to be bringing home another kitten. It had been over 15 years since I brought Praline home and I'd forgotten all the preparations and daily care a kitten required. Terri drove the 2-hour drive to hand-deliver Truffle to me. She stayed a couple of hours to see how Truffle adjusted to her new environment. Truffle was a little shy those first couple of days, compared to how she was when I'd visit Terri in Mt. Pleasant, but it didn't take her long to get out of her shell and become the precocious cat she is today.

In honor of Truffle's 10th birthday today, I want to share some highlights of each of her 10 years. I hope you enjoy our trip down memory lane.

10 photos of Truffle, a silver shaded Persian Cat, for each year she's been alive
Photos taken on Truffle in June of each year of her life

Year 1

Truffle stayed with Terri until September 2011 which was a couple of weeks longer than she would normally come to live with me. After Beignet's death, I wanted to make sure Truffle did well with her second vaccination. Truffle was quite shy those first couple of days, but it didn't take her long to become my shadow. She slept on the pillow beside me at night, was underfoot everywhere I went, and began her job of supervising me while I was working on the computer. Truffle was extremely curious and mischievous as a kitten. During that first year the following happened with Truffle:

  • Jumped to the top of the secretary desk which required Mom Paula to climb on a chair to retrieve her
  • Climbed down into the sofa in the living room which required Mom Paula to lift it up and cut the bottom of the lining to get Truffle safely out
  • Was trapped in the closet
  • Chewed on electrical cords (Mom Paula had to hide them in the trash can)
  • Welcomed her new sister, Brulee
  • Was spayed
  • Got into mischief with Brulee
  • Met the vacuum cleaner
  • Became friends with our Cat Blogosphere blogging kitties
  • Celebrated her 1st birthday with a virtual ball with all of the Cat Blogosphere cats attending

Year 2

  • Discovered delicious treats
  • Discovered catnip
  • Learned how to turn off Mom Paula's alarm clock
  • Conducted our first product review: the Thirsty Cat Fountain
  • Became a member of the Tester Team for Nip and Bones
  • First Flat Truffle was made for a trip to Florida to meet some special cat bloggers
  • Became a brand ambassador for Mr. Chewy (now Chewy.com)

Year 3

  • Trained Mom Paula to put a bag of treats in every room of the house
  • Published our first cat calendar of the cats in the Cat Blogosphere
  • Flat Truffle traveled to Maryland to meet some more cat blogging friends
  • Was caught between the storm door and the front door for over an hour
  • Became a lap kitty
  • Experienced the first snow fall of my life
  • Experienced a major ice storm with ice on the road for over 3 days (time when Mom Paula fell and injured her knee)
  • Painted my first picture on the iPad
  • Began doing product review for multiple companies
  • Experienced a 4.1 earthquake that shook our house
  • Got trapped in the recliner

Year 4

  • Enjoyed a new cat tree and new living room furniture
  • Published our first Cats of the World Weekly Planner
  • Chewed off the corner of a plastic envelope that got caught in my throat
  • Became a member of the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network (2015)
  • Mom Paula attended her first BlogPaws Conference (2015) and the Bark World Conference (2015)
  • Traveled in a Sleepypod® Mobile Pet Bed for the first time
  • Began to get hissy for the first time when Brulee went to the vet without me
  • Began using a cool mist humidifier in our home to help with our breathing

human holding silver shaded Persian cat in the air
A joyous moment between Mom Paula and Truffle as they begin year 5 together

Year 5

  • Mom Paula became a member of the Cat Writers' Association (CWA) - 2016
  • Diagnosed with my first eye infection 
  • Our cat blogging friend, Bonnie Koenig came for a visit. She is the first cat blogger that met us in person
  • Tried raw cat food for the first time
  • Experienced the 1000-year flood in Columbia, SC. Worst ever in history. Mom Paula couldn't go to work for a week and stayed home with us.
  • Had a blue ink pen to leak all over my belly
  • Began traveling to the vet alongside Brulee so we'd smell the same when we got home
  • Tasted my first bite of home grown cat grass
  • Became a member of the Chewy Blogger Outreach Network
  • Mom Paula attended Global Pet Expo for the first time and opened a new world of partnerships with brands and our blog

Year 6

  • Mom Paula attended her first Cat Writers' Association Conference
  • A Sweet Purrfections logo designed by Ann Adamus from Zoolatry and a new look for our blog
  • Felissa Elfenbein, Director of Influencer Marketing at BlogPaws, came to visit us
  • We posted 2000 posts on our blog
  • We were selected as BlogPaws Ambassadors for the conference in Myrtle Beach
  • Mom Paula retired!

Year 7

  • Surgery to remove bladder stones. Developed an infection and had to stay at vet for a week. Went on prescription diet.
  • Began our first Holiday Series where we shared products and hosted giveaways
  • Welcomed Sleepypod® as an official sponsor of the Sweet Purrfections' blog
  • Sweet Purrfections selected as a finalist for the BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Award
  • Mom Paula was elected on the Cat Writers' Association Council of Directors

Year 8

  • Rebranded the Sweet Purrfections' Blog
  • Mom Paula elected as Vice President of the Cat Writers' Association
  • Received the Professional Pet Care Award from Pet Sitters International at the annual Cat Writers' Association Awards Banquet.
  • Mom Paula attended Meow Meet Up in Chicago

Year 9

  • Partnered with Tomlyn® to write evergreen content on the care of and living with Persian Cats.
  • Quarantined at home due to COVID-19 Pandemic
  • CWA MUSE™ Medallion winner for the Sweet Purrfections blog
  • Mom Paula elected as the President of the Cat Writers' Association

Year 10

  • Still dealing with COVID-19 Pandemic, but things are beginning to look up
  • Premiering a new theme and logo for Sweet Purrfections
  • Settling into my senior years as companion for Mom Paula

We think we missed some information and mixed up the years because everything began blending together. Truffle is one special and unique cat who is able to sense my emotions and knows when to comfort me. She is still precocious and gets into trouble, but she is a beautiful and sensitive Persian cat. She has become a challenge to groom because her fur is so thick and she is beginning to develop more mats. I'm pleased to say her bladder issues appear to be back to normal, but I still monitor her water intake and feed her her prescription food blended with a high-quality, high-protein wet food diet. She is getting more loveable and wants me to hold her a lot more and constantly seeks my attention.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

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  1. Happy 10th Birthday!!!!
    Gee, 10 years already!! Nice to hear you like cuddles. I do too!
    I hope you have a pawsome celebration!
    Purrs, Julie

  2. Happy "Double Digit" Birthday to one of the purrtiest kitties in the cat blogosphere ... it's been a wonderful ten years of watching you grow up from a wee little playful one into the beautiful (and still playful) young lady you are today! And happy "ten years" to your Mom, too, as she celebrates all these years together with you!

  3. Happy 10th birthday, Truffle! I remember the joy and the sadness of 10 years ago and it seems impossible it was that long ago.

  4. Happy Birthday, Truffle! I can't believe you're 10 already! ~Ernie

  5. Happy 10th Birthday! You've had an exciting 10 years.

    The Florida Furkids

  6. Happy 10th Birthday,Truffle! Where the heck did those ten years go!

    Laila and Auntie Peggy

  7. Happy Birthday beautiful Truffle!

  8. Happy 10th Birthday Beautiful Truffle ! XO

  9. Happy Birthday Truffle ! We wish you a wonderful celebration ! Purrs

  10. Happy Purrthday Truffle ! And many more ! Purrs !

  11. Happy 10th Birthday Truffle and Many, Many More.
    What a nice trip down memory lane by photos. Makes a Nice keepsake.
    Crystal, Daisy Mae and Angel Tigger

  12. Happy 10th Birthday to beautiful Truffle! I enjoyed the pictures and the memories!

  13. Happy birthday, Truffle! You've accomplished so much in 10 years!

  14. Happy 10th Birthday, Truffle! XO


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