Friday, June 18, 2021

Veterinary Appreciation Day™

In 2015, Trupanion Pet Insurance, created Veterinary Appreciation Day™ to celebrate the role veterinary professionals play in the care of our pets. Trupanion is asking pet owners from around the world to take a moment and recognize the veterinary professional who are there, day and night, to take care of our pets.

Dr. Boyette and Brulee

This day is dedicated to everyone who helps take care of our pets from the front desk staff to technicians to veterinarians. These veterinary professionals put in countless hours to provide compassionate care for our pets, even through the most challenging time. This past year of the COVID-19 pandemic, most veterinarians found a way to keep their clinics open in order to safely take care of our pets. Veterinarians even helped vaccinate people during the global drive to immunize against COVID-19.

We encourage everyone to reach out to their veterinarian and the veterinary staff to show them your appreciation for their care of your special cat (or other pets) and let them know how much they mean to your family.

veterinarian, Dr. Boyette, holding silver shaded Persian Cat, Truffle in his arms
Dr. Boyette and Truffle

I'm so blessed to have such wonderful veterinary staff taking care of Truffle and Brulee. Dr. Heyward Boyette is their main veterinarian, but I'm completely comfortable with any of the veterinarians looking after my cats. I tell them every time I see them how much I appreciate what they do, but today is one of those days to show a little extra appreciation. I'm taking the veterinary staff a tray of cookies to show my appreciation. Some other ideas are

  • Food! With the hours the veterinary staff puts in on a daily basis, they sometimes don't have time to eat. Consider taking a food basket with fruit, dessert, cheese, and crackers for them to enjoy.
  • Thank You Notes/Cards. Take a moment to send the veterinary staff a note or a card telling them how much you appreciate them. Post a graphic and thank you on social media and tag your veterinary hospital and staff.
  • Be the Type of Client the Veterinary Staff Love. Go into the clinic with a pleasant disposition and be patient with the staff and understand they are doing everything they can to take care of the animals who are entrusted into their care. Take time to talk to the staff, even if you are stressed about your pet. Listen carefully to what the staff are telling you. 
  • Communication. Communicate your desires for the care of your pet in a clear and calm manner. Describe how your pet is acting as if you were reading a script of a video. Before calling the clinic for an appointment, write down exactly why your pet needs to see the veterinarian. This will help you clearly explain the behavior so the staff can determine exactly what is happening and the importance of when your pet needs to see the veterinarian. Always thank the veterinary staff for their time, expertise, and care.

Veterinarian, Dr. Keisler, examining Persian Cat on the scale
Dr. Keisler examines Brulee

How are you showing appreciation to your veterinary staff today and throughout the year?

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  1. What a wonderful post, and some truly great suggestions. Often veterinarians get a bad rap from us felines, but they're just doing their jobs. Let's make sure they don't go underappreciated! Great post!

  2. Being a veterinarian is a tough job!

  3. You do have a terrific Vet and we're really fond of ours too!

  4. You are blessed to have a good vet. Mine closed suddenly at the end of 2020 and I am still having a tough time getting appointments elsewhere. XO

  5. The past year has been especially hard on the vets and their staff. I hope they get lots of appreciation!

  6. It's wonderful to have a great vet! We are fortunate to have had several really fine ones. Good tips on showing appreciation!

  7. I am so blessed to have a wonderful vet and what I really love is that I can reach out to the clinic by email to discuss things without having to stress Layla out by taking her there unless they tell me to. I appreciate my vet on a daily basis

  8. We are SO thankful for the incredible staff at the veterinary clinic that we visit, and we make sure to tell them every time that we go there. I have had some bad experiences at other places in the past, so I was a little hesitant when I moved to live with my husband and made the switch to the vet that he was using. That being said, I couldn't have asked for a better team. Our pups even get excited when you say the vets name lol

  9. We have a vet vet in the valley and he is a cat dad! This was good news for us as the last lot were disappointing a bit. We would be lost without our vet and I confess I am grateful for them many times each year.

  10. I meant NEW vet, darned autocorrect (Grrr)

  11. It is surprising how many people take out their frustration on medical experts. We try to be very appreciative and kind to our vets because we know they are doing their best to help our pets.

  12. I always say that a great veterinarians are worth their weight in gold. If you find one, your fortunate and you ought to cherish them.

  13. It is truly a blessing to have a veterinarian you can trust and have faith they'll do the best for your furry family members Truffle and Brulee. Kuddos to all the caring vets out there who strive to always have integrity while helping care for our loved ones with paws.

  14. A vet you can trust is so hard to find. We're on our fourth since ours retired, but we finally found a good one!

  15. Mom always thanks those at the V-E-T that I go to. They've seen me lots over the years, so knows us both by name. She's sent a Christmas card in the past.


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