Friday, November 5, 2021

Carry Your Cats with You with a Phone Case from Paint My Pooch

I love personalized items, especially those with photos of my cats. I have notepads, mouse pads, pens, cups, etc. with photos of Truffle and Brulee. I've purchased phone cases in the past, but I never liked them because of the lack of quality.

I was recently contacted by Paint My Pooch about reviewing their custom pet phone cases. The process for designing the phone case was simple. I went to the Custom Pet Phone Case website to begin the process. 

Steps for Designing Phone Case

  1. Select the type of phone using a pull-down menu. The choices were the iPhone 7 up to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. There was also a choice for Samsung (all devices) with an additional option of "Other." If you choose "Other," you need to send an email to the company after your place your order to let them know which device you have. I chose the iPhone 11 Pro Max since that is the type of phone I have.
  2. The next step was to choose the background color for you phone. There are 6 choices: Off-white, charcoal, khaki, rust, sky, and pink. My choice here was pink because that is one of our brand colors.
  3. Next was choosing the font for your pet's name(s). there is an ALL CAPS bold, a basic font, and a script font. I chose the script for Truffle and Brulee.
  4. The next step was to type in your pet's name. I wanted to have a photo of both Truffle and Brulee,  so I typed in their names in the order they would appear in the photo.
  5. The last main step was to upload an image of your pet. I chose an image with both Brulee and Truffle looking straight ahead. 
  6. There was a final option to upgrade the case to a tough case. I chose to do this because I find I'm dropping my phone a little more frequently lately.

Paint My Pooch also gives one the option to design a two-pet or three-pet custom phone case. These options allow one to find individual photos of your pets and Paint My Pooch will upload each of them onto your phone case.

About the Custom Pet Phone Case

The Custom Pet Phone Case from Paint My Pooch is designed where the photo is printed edge to edge with a custom matte finish. The phone case features a durable plastic with slim and lightweight protection. The cases support wireless charging and are designed for easy access to all buttons. All cases are REACh, RoHS, and TUVRheinland certified. The cases retail for $49.00 for the single pet, $59.00 for two pets, and $69.00 for the three-pet custom phone case. 

The touch case features a dual layered material for ultimate protection with a lightweight silicone inner for shock absorption. The upgrade to the tough case is $10.00.

All cases are printed in the USA and dispatched within 10 business days.

Silver shaded persian sitting behind a custom phone case

Personal Review

I found the process of designing and ordering the phone case very simple. I did choose to select a photo with both girls already in the shot to make things simpler for me. Since I was receiving the case as part of a review, I emailed all of the information to Paint My Pooch. If one were to order this case directly from the website, different photos may be required if you have multiple pets.

If I were to do this again, I'd edit my original photo to reflect Truffle and Brulee's actual color. This photo was taken in a dark room and probably wasn't the best photo because of the coloring and "glow" behind the girls. I also wonder what a darker color would look like since the girls are mostly white. 

The phone case arrived quickly and was encased inside a cloth bag inside a box. The case fit well onto my iPhone 11 Pro Max. I use a wireless charging base at night and had no problems charging my phone on the base with the case attached (I've had problems with other cell phone cases). The various buttons on the phone are easy to use through the case, although I find the buttons almost too flush, due to arthritis in my hand. The case is lightweight and I believe purchasing the "tough" case helps it be durable. 

If you'd like to purchase this custom phone case to show off your pets every time you use your cell phone, I recommend it as a great value! Now I don't need to go searching through my photos (although I still do it) to show off my beautiful cats to admirers.

Discount Code

If you are searching for that "purrfect" gift for the cat lover in your home, consider purchasing this cell phone case. Paint My Pooch is offering a discount code to all of our readers until November 15, 2021.

Paula A. Gregg, Ph.D.


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  1. That came out really, really nice, of course your models are beautiful!

  2. Yes, I agree with Brian, that is really nice, and cool. Pink works so well as a background.

  3. Have never thought about a phone case with a photo of Layla on, that is so cool

  4. I've been thinking about getting a custom phone case, and this may be the one! Yours is beautiful.

  5. Your case is lovely! The portrait of Truffle and Brulee is fantastic! Can you get other things made it with portrait? I'm thinking it would be a wonderful greeting card too.

  6. This is such a cute idea. The final phone case turned out great despite your challenges with the lighting in the original photo. The company did a great job. This would be a great custom gift idea for pet parents for the upcoming holiday season too.

  7. The girls look perfect with the pink background, I love them! I need a new phone case, now to find the right phone!

  8. That phone case is beautiful and really well done! My concern with something like that would be that the pictures would wear off with how much we handle our phones.

    1. That's an interesting question. We plan on using ours for a while and we'll see how long the pictures last with daily use.

  9. I love this painted phone case. The finished product with Brulee and Truffle is beautiful! Currently, I'm phone-free, but when I get a new phone, I'll definitely have to look into get one of these cases with Henry on it. Thanks for the great review. 😊


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