Monday, December 20, 2021

Goodbye Grandma Faye

Grey-haired woman memory graphic
Grandma Faye
graphic: courtesy Ann Adamus

 Mom Paula lost her mother to Alzheimer's on Saturday morning, December 18. 

Grandma Faye and Bandit

Grandma Faye wasn't always a fan of cats, dogs, or pets in general. She grew up in a generation where the only animals she had around were used for food. She didn't have her first pet until Mom Paula's sister gave her a puppy one year (Grandma Faye was in her 70s). Grandma Faye loved Bandit and he was her constant companion until she could no longer take care of him this summer because of her Alzheimer's. Bandit is now living on the farm with Mom Paula's sister with all of the horses, donkeys, chickens, cats, and two Australian Shepherds. 
grey haired women with black and white puppy in arms
Bandit's first day with Grandma Faye in 2008

Bandit is a funny little dog who loved Grandma Faye. He quickly learned how to wrap his paws around her fingers to get what he wanted. Grandma Faye always gave Bandit treats, including Cheetos!  They were very happy together and he taught Grandma Faye the experience of unconditional love from a pet.

Grandma Faye with Truffle and Brulee

Grandma Faye was always afraid of cats. Even when Mom Paula had Sweet Praline, Grandma Faye was afraid of touching her - afraid she'd scratch or bite. Praline wasn't around Grandma Faye until she was about 9 years old, so Grandma Faye didn't have that much contact with her. The story is different with Truffle and Brulee.

silver shaded Persian kitten and senior lady holding kitten
Truffle won over Grandma Faye in 2011

Mom Paula went for a visit to the cattery to see Truffle and Beignet in August 2011 and invited Grandma Faye to join her. When Grandma Faye walked into the living room and saw 6 adorable bundles of fur on the floor, she wasn't as afraid. Truffle walked right up to her and let Grandma Faye hold her. Grandma Faye also met little Beignet, but unfortunately we lost him to cancer surgery the next week. 

The day Truffle was schedule to come live with Mom Paula - Grandma Faye insisted on being there. She also was here the first day Brulee came to live with us. 

The girls quickly won over Grandma Faye. Imagine Mom Paula's surprise one day after the girls were around 2 years old when she walked into the bedroom and saw Grandma Faye holding both Truffle and Brulee in her arms!
woman holding two silver shaded Persian cats in her arms
Grandma Faye holding Truffle and Brulee in her arms in 2012

When Truffle and Brulee were younger and Grandma Faye was healthier, she'd come over and check on the girls when Mom Paula had to travel out of town overnight. Grandma Faye would feed them, give them treats, and try to play with them. The girls quickly trained her on the art of giving treats!!! 

Senior lady giving two silver shaded Persian cats treats
Brulee even got close to Grandma Faye when treats were involved

Mom Paula Speaks

My mom was a very special lady. She made friends with everyone and had an infectious laughter that would bring a smile to everyone's face. She was a loving and giving woman and anyone who met her loved her. She had several "adopted: children because all of our friends called her Momma Gregg. She even had servers at the restaurants who called her Momma Gregg and gave her a hug every time they saw her. My mom's personality began changing the last 6 months with the Alzheimer's Disease. I still saw moments of love and recognition in her eyes and the night before I lost her, I touched her on her forehead and kissed her and saw a slight change in her reactions, as if she knew it was me. I am saying goodbye to my mom for a second time and she will always be missed. I loved her dearly, but I know she's healthy and whole again with God and I'll see her again.

Blonde-haired women with mother
Me with my mom in 2018.

mother and two daughters sitting down facing camera
Grandma Faye with her daughters, Paula and Dorenda

woman holding silver shaded Persian cat looking up at her
My favorite photo of my mom with Truffle. Just look at the looks on both of their faces.

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  1. We all so, so sorry about Grandma Faye and we know how tough it is. We send you all hugs and love. Your Grandma loved you sweet girls and your Mama too.

  2. Oh, I am so sorry that awful Alzhemimer's claimed your dear Mom.
    Those are such precious memories you have to cherish with all those pics of your Mom and all the kitties.
    I am glad she lost her fear of cats...and was able to love them!

    Sending my sincere sympathy and many hugs.
    (((((((((( ♥ ))))))))))

  3. Sounds like your mom was a special lady. I am so sorry for your loss. XO

  4. My human and I are so sorry for your loss. Your mom was a special lady in so many ways. Purrs to you.

  5. I'm so sorry for your loss! I know how much you enjoyed spending time with your mom. I sort of felt like I knew her from your blog and FB posts.

    Dementia is such a terrible disease and I'm glad that she isn't suffering any more. Sending you lots of love and I know that Truffle and Brulee will help you heal.

  6. Such a huge loss for you, Paula. Wish I could have met her. Know it would have been an instant friendship. We lost Howard, Angel's grandpa who I helped out, to that horrible disease November 15.

  7. What a lovely tribute. We can't help but reflect that you are very much like the woman you described--so we believe that she lives on in you. Hugs to you.

  8. Hugs and purrs, Paula.
    There are really no words of comfort; just know that we grieve with you.

  9. I am sorry for the loss of Grandma Faye. She sounds a wonderful lady and will be missed by all who knew and loved her.

  10. I am deeply sorry for the loss of your Mother, Paula. She was always featured in your social media, so I can see what a loving bond you shared with both your parents. You will miss her forever, but I hope you know that she simply went on uphead and is waiting for you. I know how I look forward to the day I will see my Daddy again, it's my 5th Christmas without him, and I still say I can't believe it. Prayers for your family during this time.

  11. We are so sorry!! Saying lots of prayers for you and your family.

    Matt, Matilda and Mama

  12. We're so very sorry for your loss. You have so many wonderful memories of your mom that you will hold forever in your heart. May they bring you comfort.

  13. We are sorry for the loss of yiur lovely Mom. We send purrs and prayers as you remember her.

  14. Your mom was clearly such an amazing and special person, Paula. We are so very sorry for your loss, and send you love, purrs, and all good thoughts as you remember her.

  15. I'm sorry for your loss. I always enjoyed your posts about your Mom. Sending comforting thoughts.

  16. I LOVE that picture of your Mom with Truffle and Brulee in her arms! [Not quite as much as the last picture with Truffle and your Mom - but pretty close!]

  17. So sorry for the loss of your Mom Paula. Thank you for sharing some of your most cherished memories with her. May she rest in peace. She's finally whole again and at peace. I know she was proud to have you for her daughter. Sending you love and hugs. Prayers of comfort and support during this difficult time for you and your family. 🙏

  18. Our Sympathies to you go out to you for your loss.
    Sending comfort, hugs, purrs and prayers
    Crystal And Daisy Mae

  19. Our purrs to you on the loss of yer Mom. It is hard. TBT lost both his elders some years ago and misses them a lot. Mom loved cats. Dad said he didn't, but we have pictures of him enjoying one on his lap. And when they visited the previous Mews years ago, he liked them and smiled when one got up on his lap...

  20. I'm so sorry for your loss, Paula. Your Mom sounds like a truly warm and lovely person. I know from personal experience how hard this is at Christmas when there is such an expectation to be happy. My Dad died on December 17th, many years ago now, but it stays with you. I hear your Dad isn't well, also. I wish you strength to bear this heavy weight you must carry. Find comfort where you can, in those two gorgeous fluffsters for instance. They probably feel your distress, too. There's nothing like a purring kitty to soothe you. Wishing you better days ahead.

  21. May she rest well, she will always hold a special place in your heart. Our mothers may leave us when God calls them home, but they always hear our voices when we speak to them, so talk with her often, as you always did ~ she will hear you.

  22. I'm so sorry for loss, Paula. I know it's not easy, especially since you were your mom's caretaker too. I did the same thing. I'm sending you lots of love and hugs and you go through this next phase.

  23. My condolences in the loss of your mother. May she Rest In Peace and free of the limitations of Alzheimer’s. May your memories be of the times when she was well, rather than when her memory left her.
    Simba’s Mom Pam

  24. I can appreciate your blog very much, I am in the process of opening my own online store with pet related accessories and supplies, but until then I am learning so much from blog such as yours for when I start my own pet blog

  25. Paula, you mean so very much to the pet blogging community as well as the cat writing community - I am so very sorry to hear about your diagnosis today. Please know that you have multitudes of folks and pets praying for you today and in the days to come.

  26. Hi Paula, I am so sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. I hope you can find the fight in you to keep on going, and beat this thing. You certainly have had a lot of heartbreak lately, taking care of others, when maybe you needed some care yourself. You will at least know that there are many of us out here in the Cat Blogosphere who appreciate you, and wish you a quick recovery. Hugs & Healing Vibes, WendyXO

  27. Paula, I heard about your recent diagnosis and I'm so sorry you are going through this. You are admired in this cat community and wishing you a speedy recovery.

  28. We come to bring lots of Healing Pawkisses and much strenghts for the upcoming time, Paula. May the Angels purrotect you in this difficult battle✨ Soft Pawkisses just for you🐾😽💞


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