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Sweet Purrfections is an award-winning blog that is centered around three Southern ladies (2 Persian cats and their mom, Paula). Sweet Purrfections provides information about living and learning with "purrfect" Persian Cats, featuring Truffle and Brulee. Sweet Purrfections' primary focus is educating and informing people about cats, cat products, cat behavior, health, the human-animal bond, nutrition, grooming, and life with cats using research and experiences.. All posts include photographs of two beautiful Silver Shaded Persians

Paula A. Gregg, Ph.D.
Paula A. Gregg, Ph.D., aka Mom Paula. Paula Gregg, PhD is an award-winning blogger and photographer for Sweet Purrfections where she writes about Persian cat health, daily care, education, and the human-animal bond. Accomplishments include: Pet influencer with BlogPaws and Chewy.com for 8+ years. Editor of Cats of the World Weekly Planners for 6 years. President and a Professional Member of the Cat Writers Association (CWA) Associate Member of the United Silver and Golden Fanciers (USGF) Club. Managing Editor of The Cat Blogosphere Received a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education.
Truffle was born June 2, 2011 in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Truffle is a female Silver Shaded Persian She came to live with Mom Paula September 4, 2011. Truffle is a petite Persian with a big personality and bright green eyes. She loves cat nip and silvervine and tends to be a little aggressive when high on the nip. She will eat almost anything, but loves treats and will pull your hand down to her mouth in order to get the treat. Truffle can be identified by her black heart-shaped nose and darker silver shading in her fur and on her face. Truffle's nicknames are Little Girl, Beautiful, and Stinker.
Brulee was born August 27, 2011 in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Brulee is a female Silver Shaded Persian and is the half sister to Truffle. They have the same daddy cat, but a different mommy cat. Brulee came to live with Mom Paula November 4, 2011. Brulee is a cobby Persian with long and luxurious fur that is the consistency of cotton. Brulee has the standard brick red nose outlined in black and green eyes. Brulee has a cute and quirky personality. She is shy at first, but likes to be where everything is happening. She prefers resting near Mom Paula, but will go wild when the wand toys are brought out. Brulee's nicknames are Cutie Pie and Sweetie.

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  1. You have a beautiful voice. We love that song. Thank you for sharing and Merry Christmas

  2. Mom got all excited when she read about Truffle. Did you know that Truffle has the same birthday as Steinbeck? Of course he was born in 2016 so he'll just be turning one next month. However, I'm Hemingway and I'm a big boy kitty who is 6 1/2 years old. Mom tries to keep us busy updating our blog but sometimes things fall through the cracks. (That's her excuse, anyway.) Nice to meet you.
    Big Boy Purrs..........Hemingway
    Growing Purrs...........Steinbeck


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